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Carob Treats

Here is another easy, healthy treat that will satisfy the chocolate craving in all of us! •    3 cups dried (raw) organic unsweetened coconut flakes •    1 ¼  cups carob •    10 drops liquid stevia •    1 cup melted virgin unrefined coconut oil •    1 teaspoon pure...

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Remembering My Why…

Lately I have been finding myself surrounded by situations that cause me to sigh and shake my head. Friends and family making harmful health decisions, articles and diet plans being shared on social media that make me cringe, and people asking my opinion of cheap...

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Homemade Orange Gummies!

What a GREAT way to entice your kids to get more Vit C in their diet! In a form that they will thoroughly enjoy! I use organic oranges from the Thorpe's organic farm on Rt 78 in Strykersville. They have a citrus grove in Florida. ( Their...

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Healing Eczema

This is not the first time I have seen first hand the drastic improvements of eczema with minimal effort! You MUST heal from the inside out...not the reverse! This 4-year old's mom says... "My 4-year old has been suffering with the discomfort of annoying itching of...

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Eating Healthy…is it worth it?

Is all this hype about eating healthier worth the time, effort and, sometimes even more challenging, the investment that is involved? Melanie Warner, in her book, Pandora's Lunchbox, introduces us to Darcy Struckmeier, wife and mother of four, who took a ten-day...

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