I assume this is a question many of you have asked yourselves. Especially when you see a person smoke, drink, stress and eat junk food until they are 90 without any significant illness while others exercise regularly, eat healthy, live conscious and take mountains of supplements while being sick and die at the age of 40 from cancer.

Why all the fuss? Does it really make such a difference whether you live a healthy life or not? I at least have asked myself this question many times, and have found that . . . . .

the answer comes with a delay of one or two generations.

It is true that your body is a miraculous creation. It repairs itself and even massive injuries are mended by self healing forces in a relatively short time. Your body even cleans itself from the inside out and detoxifies on a daily basis. So why all the fuss? Can your body not deal with some toxins, inflammations and deficiencies?

I assume you already know the answer. Everything has limits. If these limits are passed, disease is inevitable and it does not matter whether this overload comes sudden or it’s accumulated over generations. Enough is enough.

Our food can be a very critical subject in the discussion of a healthy lifestyle. Due to the fact that you eat the food you like 3 times a day for 365 days a year and for as many years you are alive your dietary habits are so deeply imprinted that it’s very hard to change them. All your emotional memories are also linked to food which makes you crave celebration food, happy food, lust food, frustration food and sadness foods.

Chief-Champion-Led-Steer-School-Competition-Toogoolawah-Show-2009-e1340277083164The strange thing is that those who breed dogs, horses or cattle look at all dietary factors really carefully when make a choice. They look at DNA, health, toxic load, mental strength and how well these animals were cared for. The diet these animals received is paramount.
But in case of humans it’s kind of non relevant. They are made in the image of GOD and have to be perfect from birth. We admire the pureness of babies and say they come directly from heaven while completely ignoring the things we pass on to them in our ignorance and convenience.
If we are going to reverse disease and be able to enjoy life to the fullest as GOD has designed us to, we MUST consider food choices.


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