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Comment from a presentation June 10th, 2015 at Samuel, Son & Company at 4334 Walden Ave. in Lancaster:

“Our company holds a Health & Safety Week annually and we like to include ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly, it’s not easy finding good, basic, common sense nutritional information.

My search took me to an organic farm market, who suggested Diane.

Well, we hit the Jackpot!

We scheduled Diane to come speak to our employees. Then one of our plants in Blasdell heard we had a speaker and asked for her info.

They too scheduled Diane for their H&S Week.

We had 2 one hour sessions to handle the number of people who signed up to hear what she had to say. After the 1st presentation people came out truly impressed with what they heard. Several people decided to attended the 2nd because of the positive buzz of the 1st talk. Our employees had expressed interest in some specific points, which I shared with Diane. She did a great job of working that info into her seminar. We are now questioning everything that we’ve been taught by the ‘experts’.

Even our Blasdell location wrote to tell us how much their employees enjoyed the class.

We have been so misinformed! Nourishing Traditions lifted the cloud that has been obscuring our view of ‘good’ food. We have a heightened awareness now of what we are eating. This is no ‘fad’ – it’s the real deal. What we eat matters greatly.

God has provided us with all these wonderful foods that fuel our bodies perfectly, in ways ‘science’ is still deciphering. The closer we stay to His original offerings, the better off we are. Processing, additives, and imitations aren’t making anything ‘better’. Instead, leading us into continually increasing physical and mental sickness.

It was so well received that our folks have asked to have Diane come back and do the 6 week seminar! Some have even signed up to do private counseling – they just didn’t want to waste any time.”

Signed – P. from Lancaster

P. from Lancaster

Samuel, Son & Company


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