Here is what can happen in our drug-addicted society beginning with our birth and following us through puberty into adulthood:

Vaccinations, which contained or contain mercury, aluminum and a host of other toxic components, including live viral particles, given within the first days of birth.

Childhood ear infections can begin at birth as yeast infections picked up from the mother during delivery. Most ear infections are treated with antibiotics.

Ear infections may become chronic and require multiple courses of antibiotics, leading to diarrhea and intestinal yeast infections.

Leaky gut can develop and cause undigested food molecules to be absorbed from the gut into the blood stream leading to food allergies and sensitivities.

Eczema, aggravated by food sensitivity, is suppressed with cortisone creams. Cortisone encourages yeast growth.

Asthma, which may be environmental, is treated with medications including corticosteroid inhalers.

Multiple colds and flu’s are mistreated with many courses of antibiotics.

Annual flu vaccines contain mercury preservative, which is toxic to the nervous system and also kills good bacteria allowing yeast to overgrowth.

Allergic reactions are treated with allergy shots, antihistamines, and cortisone sprays.

Many adolescents take long-term oral antibiotics for acne, leading to yeast overgrowth.

Many teens and young adults develop mononucleosis, and up to 20 percent never feel quite as healthy again.

Birth control pills cause chronic vaginal yeast infections, which are mistreated with antibiotic creams.

Hospitalization for infections or any type of surgery usually warrants intravenous antibiotics and a host of other drugs, which adds to the toxic burden.

Athletes and those who play competitive sports suffer from stress, injury and fatigue are treated with steroids and NSAID’s.

Corporate executives fall prey to chronic fatigue, insomnia, and IBS as a result of their hectic schedules, travel schedules, and eating processed foods on a regular basis. These symptoms are all treated with anti-inflammatory, sleeping pills, and antidepressants.
Major colds and flu’s can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia, which are treated with strong antibiotics.

Environmental allergies with extreme sensitivities to inhalants, especially perfumes, colognes, household products, pesticides, and molds, are treated with corticosteroid inhalers, which cause more yeast overgrowth.

Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and palpitations are treated with antidepressants and psychotherapy instead of magnesium and B vitamins that are woefully depleted.

A-Fib and other heart rhythm issues are ignored and then treated with prescriptions drugs and surgeries when the symptoms become threatening.

Menopause is medicated with synthetic hormones.

Body nutrients including all the vitamins and minerals are depleted with every step of this scenario and result in a total body burden of drugs, toxins, and various stressors. The end result is an exhausted, nervous, shaky individual who has nowhere to turn and thinks no one can help her/him.

By the time many of our clients contact us they are in a Total Body Meltdown.  Our clients have often consulted with dozens of doctors, but whether it’s an allopathic or a naturopathic doctor, the search is on for the drug or supplement for their symptoms, which often proves fruitless. Take another look at the chronology of health to illness and tell me how on earth a drug or supplement is going to make a dent in all of that?

The reality is that years of nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors erode the body’s natural capacity for unlimited heath. Thankfully, the body’s innate intelligence and incredible God-given design provide for a total reset if you give it the correct building blocks. Schedule our free telephone consultation today and begin to reverse this degenerative process of the body. Optimal health is within reach….:)

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