Is all this hype about eating healthier worth the time, effort and, sometimes even more challenging, the investment that is involved? Melanie Warner, in her book, Pandora’s Lunchbox, introduces us to Darcy Struckmeier, wife and mother of four, who took a ten-day challenge to give up all processed food. The family gave up candy, fast food, chips and sodas. Instead of going to fast food restaurants, Darcy prepared real food – meat, eggs, cheese, whole grains, vegetables, fruit – all on a strict food budget of eight hundred dollars a month. On day seven, her borderline autistic thirteen-year-old announced that he felt different, like a fog had been lifted. On day ten, he smiled for the first time in years. Darcy lost weight and her daughter’s digestive problems cleared up – and all this with unprocessed food purchased at the supermarket. Just think of the benefits when the switch to real foods accompanies an effort to get organic and pasture-fed products!

For years, food processors have touted their wares to women who have “no leisure time,” or to give them plenty of leisure time. But more and more women have realized the trap of convenience food – the inconvenience, time-wasting and expensive activities of doctor’s visits, dental work, tutors, psychiatrists and counsellors.

“The solution to all of our various health problems brought on by poor eating habits, after all, is in our own hands,” says Warner. “Not those of the mega food companies. While there are clearly policy changes that would make the job of cleaning up our food a whole lot easier…the choice about what we feed ourselves and our children is ultimately ours.”


Article taken from Wise Traditions, Summer 2013

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