eczema - beforeeczema - after

This is not the first time I have seen first hand the drastic improvements of eczema with minimal effort! You MUST heal from the inside out…not the reverse! This 4-year old’s mom says…

“My 4-year old has been suffering with the discomfort of annoying itching of his legs due to eczema for approximately 2 weeks and it was progressively getting worse. He would just sit and itch his legs in bed or while he was playing.  It was dry and cracked, then ultimately scabbed over in a few spots.  I tried Cetaphil lotion after his bath, but it didn’t seem to do much.  The pediatrician recommended hydrocortisone, but only for three weeks at a time.  He already has a steroid inhaler, so I didn’t want to add more steroids to his little body.  Then we stopped the Cetaphil, added your recommendations and just waited.  He also gets Cod Liver Oil daily.The only addition/change in his diet/environment was the suggestions that you gave me….and bingo, bango- clear healthy skin!
Thanks for all your help!”


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