Lately I have been finding myself surrounded by situations that cause me to sigh and shake my head. Friends and family making harmful health decisions, articles and diet plans being shared on social media that make me cringe, and people asking my opinion of cheap weight loss supplements as if I’ve never taught them anything about real health.  It all makes me want to scream – “IS NO ONE LISTENING?”  But then I remember that they are listening; they are listening to the noise that is the loudest, which currently is the media, the pharmaceutically driven medical community, the economy, and all of the other factors that influence their decision-making process.

At times, the frustration of watching people make bad decision after bad decision can make you feel like you are wasting your time.  But with a little perspective and a reminder of your why, you begin to remember the fight is worth it.  It wasn’t an overnight process for people to start buying artificial foods – those companies had to fight to be seen and chosen over real foods.  People have not always gone to their doctors asking for specific prescriptions based on drug ads – but with persistence, the pharmaceutical companies managed to legalize drug advertising and make their way into everyone’s medicine cabinet.  And thinking on a more positive note, there was a time when chiropractic care was illegal – but practitioners fought the good fight and now chiropractic care is not only legal, it’s also accepted by most insurance companies.

We may not be heard over all the other noise now, but with persistence, determination, and stamina, we’ll get there….and I plan on being there for that celebration! Amen!

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