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Nourishing Traditional Diets

5-week, 10-hour Program

Dr. Weston A. Price’s studies of isolated non-industrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods.

This 7-week course begins with an introduction to Dr. Weston A. Price…a dentist from Cleveland, Ohio who back in he 1930’s and 40’s conducted a series of unique studies to find out what foods people need to be consuming to obtain vibrant health. Most certainly, a pioneer in the research of optimal nutrition.

  • Is there a correlation between healthy teeth and a healthy body? Absolutely! Teeth are an external sign of internal health. Root canals, tooth extractions, filling, overbites, crowded teeth, etc., are all indications of degeneration within the body.
  • So what is a healthy optimal diet? Low-fat? No Fat? Veganism? High Protein? Raw food diet? We will address all 12 points of a healthy diet that Dr Price observed in the isolated people that did not consume denatured foods, and consequently, displayed optimal, vibrant health.
  • Is it possible to cook healthy, eat healthy and be healthy in this present busy world? A resounding YES! Yes…it is! Learn how you can obtain the same nourishing, nutrient-dense qualities from food that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy!
  • All twelve points of Dr. Weston A. Price’s research are thoroughly reviewed during this 6-week, 12-hour course including eliminating refined foods, obtaining healthy animal products, adding calcium and minerals to the diet, how to include raw food in the diet, how to include healthy bacteria in the diet, how to properly prepare seeds, grains, nuts and legumes, the problems with soy foods, review of all fats (healthy & unhealthy), review of dairy products (healthy & unhealthy), how to add Vit A & D to the diet, discussion of sweeteners of all kinds, use of salt in the diet, sacred foods reserved for the elderly, sickly, and preconception and… to incorporate all this into your diet today!

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Worthwhile! Enjoyable! Eye opening! Reverses a lot of nutrition myths! I like the food choices that were recommended especially the lacto-fermented foods. It is also good to have permission to eat fats.
Peter B

This class was much more in-depth than other classes I have taken in the past. Most of the food choices are great! I’m still excited about using butter! Diane helped me find my way back to REAL food! I feel like I have a better chance of not getting my cancer back again!

Suzette E

Get At the Roots

12- Week Weight Loss Program

The Get At The Roots program addresses underlying root causes of excess weight gain such as…

  • Digestive problem
  • Food sensitivities
  • Yeast overgrowth
  • Toxin overgrowth
  • Hormonal imbalances

Deficient brain chemistry (causing stress eating)…and more.

Determine what underlying issues may be preventing YOU from losing weight.

The objective of this program is to get the body healthy. This is not a low-calorie, low-fat diet. It is not about restricting calories and therefore nutrients. This program is about giving the body the proper nutrients it needs for its metabolic and hormonal processes. By doing this not only do you feed your body good nutrition, but your body gains health, diminishes food cravings and you gain energy while losing the unwanted body fat.

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The RESTART® Program

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group – an empowering combination! The 5-week RESTART® Program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from having to process toxins like sugar. With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings. Discover how good you can feel!


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